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Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake

Read the directions to make this Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake first BEFORE starting to make it. Agar agar sets very quickly so you don't want to reread the directions over and over again while making this.
Course Dessert
Cuisine dairy-free, Eggless, gluten-free, Oil-free, vegan, vegetarian
Prep Time 45 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Makes 1 6" Cake
Calories 313 kcal
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Coconut Base

  • 1 cup Raw Cashews (soaked in water for at least 2 hours, overnight is best for creamiest results, be sure to pat them dry with a paper towel before using or the extra liquid can ruin the cake)
  • 3 cups Coconut Cream (from roughly 2 14oz (400ml) can of coconut milk - see notes!)
  • 1/8 cup Fresh Lemon Juice

Raspberry Base


  • Fresh Raspberries
  • Edible or decorative flowers
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  1. Prepare the cheesecake crust by pulsing the crust ingredients (dates, coconut, and salt) in a food processor. Be careful not to blend the ingredients. The crust should still have some texture to it. Press the coconut-date mixture firmly and evenly into the bottom of a 6" cake ring (see notes). Set aside.
  2. Prepare the coconut base by blending the soaked cashews and 1 cup of the coconut cream. Slowly add more coconut cream until well blended. Then add the lemon juice. Don't over mix the lemon juice with the coconut-cashew mixture or the coconut cream will begin to curdle. Divide the coconut base evenly among 4 bowls. This should equal to slightly less than 1 cup in each bowl or roughly 205g. Set aside.
  3. Prepare the raspberry base my pureeing the fresh raspberries with the dates. Strain the raspberries to remove most of the seeds. If you do not want any seeds at all in your cheesecake, use cheesecloth. Add the raspberry-date mixture, water and agar agar to a small saucepan. Heat the saucepan over medium-high heat and simmer for 1 minute. Work quickly now because agar agar will set fast.
  4. Add 10 tablespoons of the raspberry mixture to the first of the four bowl with the coconut base. Add 7 tablespoons to the second bowl, 5 tablespoons to the third bowl and 2 tablespoons to the second. You should still have some of the raspberry base left over.
  5. Quickly, use a spoon to mix the raspberry base into the coconut base in each bowl.
  6. Take your cake ring and spread the lightest colored (with only 2 tablespoons of raspberry base) coconut-raspberry filling over the crust. Next take the second lightest colored (with 5 tablespoons of raspberry base) coconut raspberry filling and pour/spread that over the first layer. Continue this with the other bowls, working lightest to darkest. Finally, add the leftover raspberry-date mixture on top. You can swirl this with a sharp knife for a prettier effect, if you like.
  7. Chill the cheesecake in the fridge for at least three hours before removing the cake ring. Garnish the cake with some fresh raspberries and some edible or decorative flowers before serving!

Recipe Notes

1.) I find it best to use an adjustable cake ring for vegan cheesecake recipes. They let you adjust the size of your cheesecake and it's so easy to remove them once the cake has set.2.) You can buy coconut cream on its own. However, I think the easiest way to obtain coconut cream is by letting a can (or two for this recipe) sit overnight in the fridge. Carefully remove the can from the fridge and open it up. You will notice that the coconut milk will have separated into a thick white cream layer and a coconut water later. Just scoop the thick coconut cream out of the can and discard or use the coconut water for a smoothie or light stir-fry later.3.) The directions can really seem overwhelming at first but I promise it's not hard to make! If you really don't want to or don't have the time to separate the coconut into four different bowl to make different colored layers then you can just add all the ingredients together before spreading them over the crust.

Nutrition Facts
Vegan Raspberry Cheesecake
Amount Per Serving (1 /12 of the cheesecake)
Calories 313 Calories from Fat 209
% Daily Value*
Fat 23.2g36%
Carbohydrates 24g8%
Fiber 3.3g14%
Sugar 15.9g18%
Protein 4g8%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.