Lemon Cream Bars

Lemon Coconut Cream Bars Recipe - Vegan Family Recipes

Before I dive right into these incredible lemon cream bars, I’d like to address the tiny elephant in the room…Where have I been for the past 3 weeks?

Sure, some of you might not have even noticed. Boo you! You may scroll down and just read the recipe :D

For those of you that did, I got into a car accident with my two boys. To be honest, it was a complete nightmare. I was driving the speed limit of 45mph on a two lane road when another car didn’t see the traffic ahead of him and swerved onto the other lane, hitting us head on. I never had a chance to see the other car coming. One second I was driving, the next I had the airbag in front of me.

Car Accident - Vegan Family Recipes

The car came to a stop in the ditch and my boys were screaming. I had to climb out of the passenger side door to get out of the car and got my youngest son (22 mo old) out of the car first, then screamed for help for someone to get my 4yr old. We waited in someones car until the ambulances came.

The worst part was that there wasn’t enough room for all of us in 1 ambulance. I was already in pain but any mother can imagine the gut-wretching pain I felt when I was told my 4 yr old would have to ride in a different ambulance.

I didn’t get to see him until …

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Papaya Banana Smoothie

Papaya Banana Smoothie Recipe - Vegan Family RecipesPapaya Banana Smoothie Recipe - Vegan Family Recipes

My husband recently brought a papaya home and I wasn’t happy. I’ve had papaya before and never really liked the taste. Yes, it’s very healthy but I knew this papaya would just end up spending a week on our kitchen counter until I would inevitably throw it away.

My husband, trying to prove a point, started slicing it open. He took a bite and realized that it wasn’t his favorite fruit either. So what do you do with fruit you aren’t so fond of? Make a smoothie!

That is exactly what we did. Kind of not so long story short…

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Healthy Eggplant Burger with Vegan Mayo

Eggplant Burger Recipes - Vegan Family Recipes

Eggplant is one of those ingredients that I tended to always steer away from. It just seemed like zucchini’s weird cousin, that nobody wants to touch. After making this stuffed eggplant from Dishing Up The Dirt and loving it. I realized how wrong I was.

What better way to ease into eating more eggplant than with eggplant burgers? I’ve seen quite a lot of eggplant burger recipes around but they all seemed to overly complicated for me. I didn’t want to bother have to cook the eggplant first then mixing it together with a bunch of other ingredients, just to cook it all again.

Of course, you could just add a few eggplant slices to the grill and use those in a burger but what’s the fun in that?

I love, love, love chia seeds and since they are great at binding, I figured it would work great to use them to coat the eggplant with. The result was surprisingly delicious :) It gives the eggplant burgers a nice crunchy texture.

First things first though. You need to pick out a …

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Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Recipe - Vegan Family Recipes

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake + Kouzini Giveaway

A chocolate olive oil cake is something I’ve been wanting to make for the longest time now and not just because of this really cool Kouzini Olive Oil giveaway.  I’ve used olive oil before in muffins because it makes them really moist. So, obviously the same must hold true for when adding it to a cake….

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Easy Vegan Chili Recipe - Vegan Family Recipes

Easy Vegan Chili

I know we all want spring weather but the reality is it’s still pretty darn cold. I just checked the weather and my sister in Boston is getting snow again! So, this easy vegan chili recipe is for all those still in the miserable cold :) As much as I would like to add another…

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Vegan Lemon Cake Recipe - Vegan Family Recipes

Vegan Lemon Loaf Cake

I’ve been putting off posting this vegan lemon loaf cake now for over a month. I went a bit picture crazy with this cake and dreaded having to sift through all 239 pictures I took of it. I did finally bite the bullet and miraculously managed to get through all of them. It was so…

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Curried Lentil Potato Stew Recipe

Creative Vegan Cooking Guest Post – Curried Lentil-Potato Stew

Hi, I’m Maria from over at Creative Vegan Cooking, a blog dedicated to showing how delicious and fun healthy food can be! I would like to thank Vanessa for letting me guest post on her blog. Vegan Family Recipes is one of my favorite blogs – a down-to-earth and practical implementation of the vegan diet….

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Easy Bulgur Salad Recipe - Vegan Family Recipes

Easy Bulgur Salad

This easy bulgur salad will not disappoint! Bulgur is one of my favorite whole grains. It’s a great source of vegan magnesium and iron. The benefits of bulgur don’t stop there though. It will also put a big dent in your daily protein and fiber needs. The best part is…It’s incredibly easy to cook so it seemed…

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Easy Ginger Carrot Soup - Vegan Family Recipes

Easy Ginger Carrot Soup

I’ve done quite a few desserts back to back lately so it is definitely time to get back to some healthy recipes again. Carrots are one of my favorite vegetables. My family and I snack on carrots on most days and this easy ginger carrots soup is one of my go-to recipes. This soup is so…

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