Chocolate Puffed Quinoa Bars

Chocolate Puffed Quinoa Bars Recipe - Vegan Family Recipes

With a moving happening in exactly 3 weeks, it’s safe to say that I am officially stressed. For me Stress (usually) = Chocolate. Although I could probably just chow down on some vegan chocolate chips, I think these chocolate puffed quinoa bars are a (slightly) healthier option.

I even added a bit of cayenne pepper for some heat. This step is completely optional though. I have fallen in love with Gnosis Mayan Heat Bar. They are raw vegan chocolate bars that are infused with cayenne pepper and chili pepper flakes. Chocolate and chili are such a beautiful sweet-spicy pairing that is truly irresistible.  Exactly that pairing is what inspired me to add cayenne pepper to these chocolate bars. Might some strange and crazy to some but it’s delicious, if you can handle a bit of heat. Like I mention though, the cayenne pepper is optional and if spicy chocolate doesn’t float your boat then just omit it.

Chocolate Puffed Quinoa Bar Recipe - Vegan Family Recipes

Either way, my chocolate puffed quinoa bars couldn’t be simpler to make. Add everything to a stockpot, heat, refrigerate, cut, and eat. Sounds very simple, right? It is. There’s really no reason to not try it. The only downside to this recipe is that you need to … 

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